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2023 Wildlife Calendar
Kathy Tober
2023 Wildlife Calendar

Beautiful pictures of amazing wildlife!

Very insightful!

Karolinas ebook guide has given me a renewed sense of determination! Revisiting basics is always a good idea and learning from a new source opens new opportunities for shooting! Thanks for a worthwhile investment!

2023 Wildlife Calendar
Rosamund Jacobs
Excellent calendar

Very happy with the quality. It’s excellent in every way.

2023 Wildlife Calendar
Elizabeth Karleskint

I LOVE this photography ❣️

Wild Presets
Godwin Magembe
One of the coolest features

I’ve been following Karo for a while and always i’ve been admiring how photos with perfect editing. Using her presets is one of the best choice i’ve ever made!

Love them

These are some of the best presets I have bought, they have help me alot when I have needed to edit lots of images in a short amount of time. I would recommend this preset pack to anyone for all types of photography.

Wild Presets
Jared Linnell

Wild Presets

The Wild Package
Kaylin Cameron
So helpful and beautiful presets.

Have loved reading through the book, and the presets I have tried so far have greatly improved the look of my photos.

Wild Presets
Great Help

the wild presets have been a great asset getting me started with learning Lightroom and editing my photos in a quick and easy way.

Finally an exciting and helpful ebook for beginner !

I am a beginner in photography, and I tried to read and study numerous photography ebooks before. This one is the first and only one that really helped me understand & want to play more with my camera. Karolina makes it just fun and exciting to photography, with true advices and for once - so grateful for that - her opinion about how to photography things in general and wildlife in particular. Whilst other books try to be exhaustive and make it boring, this e-book gives you practical tips to understand, enjoy and practice your own way of doing photography. How refreshing !! Karolina puts herself in our shoes, and she is not affraid to give us her secrets. It’s clear and not overwhelming, if you’re a beginner like me, you’ll get every information you need to start and perfect your own art of photography. I must also say that I really appreciate the focus and specific tips for ethical wildlife photography 🙏 well done and THANK YOU for making it accessible to beginners.


Absolutely loved this guide. Although i already have a good understanding of the basics around photography, the insight that i gained from this book was incredible. Everything was made clear and easy to understand. 10/10 rate for anyone from beginner to expert to read!

E book

I am new to photography. Most photographers keep secrets on how to achieve the perfect shot . I came across Karolina on Instagram and was in awe of her talent for photography especially when we both have a love for animals . I messaged Karolina on Instagram with very silly questions but she went above & beyond to answer me . Which meant the world to me . When Karolina posted that she was publishing a E book I didn’t think twice about buying it . I’ve started it and love it she explains everything so simple that a beginner like me that can understand. Karolina has put her passion,
love and knowledgeable into this book and shared it with us this book is my bible for everything and hope on days I struggle with photography. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a love for photography & especially wildlife photography. Thank you so much Karolina wishing you all the success

Wildlife Photography E-book - Guide for beginners

Totally worth every penny

I am not new in photography but i learned a lot from this book, Karolina explain very difficult topic into very easily understandable way, it is one of those book i wish i could learn before start photography it could save me countless of hours spent on YouTube.
You should definitely buy this book it is amazing y'all 🌱

Excellent book and presets

Good book and very nice presets.

A must buy if you want to photograph wildlife

Benefit from Karolina's expertise and save yourself countless hours of trial and error and searching the web. I purchased this book right before going on Safari and the results have been amazing! Super helpful and just what you need to know without the extra fluff.


Karolina is an absolute inspiration, this ebook is a must buy for any photographers looking to learn how to turn good shots into great shots


This is an Inspiration

Inspirational and useful for far more than "just" wildlife!

I've added Karolinas Presets to my lightroom a couple weeks ago and my range of photography is pretty wide so I've caught myself editing with her presets on so many types of pictures. I love to see how other photographers edit their work which is why I bought Karolinas presets. It is always a inspiration for me, so I'd def recommend them to you!

Amazing Presets

Brilliant service. Brilliant product. Brilliant experience!

Little Mischief
Joseph Bustamante

The picture/portrait came out just like I expected!! How you see it on display here is exactly how you will receive it! The quality is absolutely amazing!

Estelle Naumburg
Wild nature Scandinavia

This picture has captured the Scandinavian nature scene in the best of ways! Wild, but also close. Thanks, now it will be possible to put this on my wall!

The Little One
steven hiller
A Christmas present

It was completely loved