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A Wild Editing Course
A Wild Editing Course
A Wild Editing Course
A Wild Editing Course
A Wild Editing Course
A Wild Editing Course

A Wild Editing Course

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📸 Unlock the Secrets of Wildlife Photography Post-Processing with Adobe Lightroom Classic 📸

Calling all wildlife photography enthusiasts! Ready to take your wildlife photography to the next level? Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, my comprehensive online course is designed with you in mind. Join me as we delve into the captivating world of post-processing with Adobe Lightroom, tailored specifically for wildlife photographers like you!

📸 Here's how it works:

Select the part of the course you wish to purchase—Part 1, Part 2, or both at a discounted rate. After your purchase, you'll receive an email containing a link to proceed with the login process and access the course materials. Ensure that you use the same email address for signing up as you did for purchasing the course. Once logged in, you'll enjoy lifetime access to the course content on our website. That's it—let the learning begin!

🌟 What You'll Learn:

Part 1 - Mastering the Lightroom Tools:

- Lesson 1: Import, organising and selecting your best shots.

- Lesson 2: Understanding the difference RAW vs. JPEG. 

- Lesson 3: Perfecting composition with cropping techniques.

- Lesson 4: Mastering the essentials: White Balance, Exposure, Contrast, and more.

- Lesson 5: Crafting stunning visuals with the Tone Curve and Split Toning.

- Lesson 6: Manipulating colours with precision using the Colour Mixer.

- Lesson 7: Elevating your images with advanced Colour Grading techniques.

- Lesson 8: Achieving colour perfection through Calibration.

- Lesson 9: Seamlessly removing imperfections with Healing and Clone tools.

- Lesson 10: Harnessing the power of Masking for targeted adjustments.

- Lesson 11: Banishing noise while preserving detail with advanced Noise Reduction.

- Lesson 12: Enhancing clarity and detail with expert Sharpening techniques.

Part 2 - Advanced Editing Techniques:

- Lesson 13: Full step to step tutorial of my personal editing workflow.

- Lesson 14: Setting the stage for different editing styles..

- Lesson 15: Creating captivating Dark & Moody edits.

- Lesson 16: Illuminating your images with High Key edits.

- Lesson 17: Exploring the timeless art of Black & White photography.

- Lesson 18: Achieving natural and balanced edits with Neutral tones.

- Lesson 19: Leveraging Presets for consistent and efficient editing.

- Lesson 20: Mastering Background Blur for impactful compositions.

🎁 Bonus Episode: Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Unlock the potential of Adobe Photoshop with bonus insights and techniques to take your editing skills even further!

Why Choose This Course:

- 🚀 Comprehensive: Over 20 in-depth video tutorials covering every aspect of wildlife photo post-processing.

- 💡 Practical: Learn the tips and tricks from an experienced wildlife photographer to help you achieve stunning results.

- 🎓 Flexible Learning: Purchase Part 1 or Part 2 separately, or save with the discounted bundle offer.

- 📚 Lifetime Access: Access to all course materials for unlimited learning and growth.

👉 Ready to take your wildlife photography to new heights? Enrol now and unlock the potential of Adobe Lightroom for breathtaking wildlife edits! 🐾✨

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fábio Paschoal
Befores and Afters that blow my mind

When I started editing I used to make minor tweaks to my photos because I didn't know how to use the majority of the tools. So they looked like everybody else's photos.

As I started to go through the course, I realized how much I was missing. Karolina can explain complicated things in a way that is easy to understand and once I started learning, I started to develop my own style.

Today, when I look at the befores and afters of my photos it's mind-blowing. Thank you so much, Karolina!

I strongly recommend A Wild Editing Course

Ciska Haarhoff
Love the wildlife editing course

Thank you for breaking everything down and explaining so clearly. I have learned a lot about lightroom and selecting which photos to edit further.
I bought your course to ensure that I start investing time and effort into something I love and that brings me joy outside of work everyday. Thank you for making that possible.

Great introduction to wildlife editing

The course is well thought through and the various lightroom features and hints and tips are well explained.

I am very happy with my purchase at the discounted early bird price and completed it over a weekend. However, I would say that I wouldn’t feel like I got value for money at the fulll course price - the videos, by the nature of what they are describing, are short, however, the section of the course where Karolina takes us through a live edit could have been expanded to include 2 or 3 edits per editing style. This would provide the correct value for money in my opinion.

Excellent course content generally though 👌

Trish McLellan
Wild editing course

The course is informative and is helping me to learn to use Lightroom classic. My only complaint is that it doesn’t go deep enough into the topics. Watching the sessions multiple times helps a lot. Karolina is an excellent teacher. I am getting a lot out of the course.

Hi Trish, thanks so much for your review, glad to hear you're enjoying the course!
I see that you've purchased the first part of the course, where we only cover how the different tools in lightroom work. In the second part we go deeper into how to use these different tools while editing. I've created a discount code TRISH15 which will give you 15% off at checkout if you'd like to get part 2 of the course, hope you'll find it helpful!