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Donation to Field Rangers in Pafuri, Kruger National Park 2021

When I started this website to be able to share my wildlife photos and prints to inspire people from across the world, I also decided that I wanted to give back to the one thing that makes it possible for me to take these photos: conservation.

With the profits made from 2021, and the help from Jim Green Footwear and Adventures for Love, I was able to donate shoes to field rangers Morgan and Solly (see photo) in Pafuri Kruger National Park.

The work that these field rangers do is essential to the survival of our beloved wildlife and essentially the ecosystem of Kruger Park. They spend hours patrolling the national park, making sure no illegal hunting (aka poaching) is taking place and making sure no animals come to harm by snares and other human-wildlife-conflict. However 50% of Rangers don't have access to sufficient boots and grear and over 40% are required to purchase their own boots. (Stats from Jim Green Footwear ). That's why the donation of these boots make a big difference in the work of these rangers.